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About Us

LandscapingOutdoor Effects, Inc. is a premier landscape management group providing professional commercial and residential service to metro Atlanta and surrounding counties. Based in Woodstock Georgia since 2005 we offer unprecedented service and attention to property detail. Outdoor Effects offers a full line of landscape maintenance and design build for residential, commercial, multi-family and Home Owners Associations. The company has built a strong reputation within the market by offering cost effective services, being proactive in service management, responsive to customer requests and maintaining superior relationships with customers. The company appreciates the benefits received from a well trained workforce and devotes time and resources to ensure a safe environment for workers, customers and the surrounding community. Outdoor Effects field employees receive in-house classroom training as well as field training on a regular basis as the company is committed to excellence!

History and Background
Outdoor Effects is owned by Georgia native Victoria Glassman. Born, raised and educated in the Atlanta area Victoria, along with her husband Tre’ Glassman reside in Cherokee County where the business is located. Victoria and Tre both bring unique strengths and qualities to the business with Victoria focusing on company management and Tre on sales and marketing.

Core Company Values
PRIDE – Do it as though it were your own and deliver beyond what is expected
DEPENDABLE – Put the customer first
PROACTIVE – Be proactive not reactive do it before you are asked
INTEGRITY – Do what you feel in your heart is the right thing, you will sleep better at night
EXCELLENCE – Always strive to be not only the best but phenomenal

MALTA – Metro Atlanta Landscape & Turf Associatio
CAI –Community Associations Institute

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